Our History

In the early 70's some of the major tile manufacturers struggled to meet demand; their factories simply couldn’t keep up which made things very difficult for roofers. In response, Fred and Jim Bick who were contractors began to place larger orders and build up their own stock. This allowed them to manage their workload when lead times became an issue. What become clear to them was the need for a specialist merchant who could manage the supply chain.

In 1979 Fred’s son Vince Bick opened the first Alltype Roofing Supplies, renting the corner of a small industrial unit on Marmadon Road, Plumstead. From these humble beginnings, Vince started to grow the business; building a small team around himself he focused on sourcing high-quality products, developing relationships with the leading manufacturers and evolving the specialist services that the company would become known for.

As the company grew steadily through the 80's, 90's and 00's it remained flexible, resourceful and responsive, evolving with the industry. Vince's objective was never to be the biggest merchant, but to build a reputation as the industry's leading specialist, known for supporting contractors and supplying the most prestigious sites.

Today Alltype is still an independent, family-owned run business. Built upon being honest and loyal to manufacturers and contractors alike. We pride ourselves on being a truly specialist merchant providing a first-class service.

Our competition say they do all types of roofing... We are alltype roofing 

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