Calculating dimensions and producing a roofing takoff for a roofing project can be complicated, especially when doing it by hand. There is a lot of ancillary roofing components required that can be over looked when pricing such as underlays, sheathing felts, nails, lead flashing and ridge fixing kit can cause issues when pricing projects.  It's vital to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that your roofing bid / project is error-free and as accurate as possible.

Our roofing takeoffs help you accurately measure and quantify the materials needed for your project and any other calculations that may be required. 

We prepare estimates and roofing takeoffs day-in and day-out.  We charge a small fee which is refundable if you place your materials order with us, charges may be slightly more for larger, more complex roofing constructions. 

There is no obligation to purchase your roofing supplies through us (although we hope you do). Our goal is to connect, partner and help roofing companies, large and small, within London and the South East.

How our roofing takeoffs work

Upload your project today, we’ll get back to you within 24hrs and we promise not to add your data to any marketing lists.


  • Step 1 - Upload your project using the email below
  • Step 2 - We’ll assess the drawings within 24hrs
  • Step 3 - We’ll email the full estimate (or our pricing) within 3 days


**Depending on the number of man hours required to calculate the roofing takeoff, we retain the right to levy a fee for difficult and large projects. We'll notify you ahead of time with the pricing for the takeoff so there are no surprises. Terms and conditions apply. For further information, please contact us.

There are three types of measurements to consider for roofing takeoffs

Count - The estimator will have to count the required quantities for each individual item. These can range from the number of rooflights required for a particular roof to the number of tiles and nails required to complete the job.

Lengths - Soffits, Downpipes, Ridge, Batten, for example, are measured in length. Other parameters, such as diameter, will be necessary, however this information will be sent with the type of material required.

Area - Some materials will involve a surface area measurement. This will consider factors such as pitch which will significantly impact the number of tiles required for example.


Please email your drawings to

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