Building Plastics On Demand - Price Match Guarantee

We'll match the price if you find the same product cheaper, with the same guarantee and in the same condition.

The price match promise is only available for new orders and we will ask for proof in the form of a receipt, invoice or quote.

The decision to make a Price Match Promise is completely down to the branch manager and his or her decision is final and non-negotiable (whether you have proof or not).

Price match terms and conditions

  • The product needs to be in stock and available to buy
  • The competitor's prices need to be publicly available to all. For us to verify these prices, they need to be currently available in the competitor's store
  • We do not consider wholesale or negotiated prices as a valid comparison
  • The competitor retailer price to be matched must include VAT
  • Price must not be part of a combined offer (We do not include the following promotions: free gifts/giveaways, online only deals, product bundles, reward based promotions or competitor promotions available through third party-websites/non public vouchers).


Please contact your local branch to discuss a price match order.

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