As a specialist roofing supplies company we distinguish ourselves with our ability to manage the supply chain through technical knowledge and industry-specific logistics. We look past simply selling products to consider our clients, their projects and how their business is evolving. Moving forward, one of our key objectives is to provide our clients with greater accessibility into the Specification Market. We have achieved this through a number of partnerships, which enable us to provide an integrated approach to specification. Bringing together specialisms usually considered separately to unify the manufacturers who produce the products, the technical teams who write the specifications and the specialists who manage the supply chain and logistics. 

At Alltype our integrated specification offering provides a coherent and efficient solution that enables specialist contractors greater accessibility into this market.  

Technical Support 

We provide technical support via our Product Specialists and our partners Technical Services Departments.  This collaboration ensures you have a single point of reference through Alltype with coherent, reliable support.  Depending on the project and your requirements our Product Specialists will outline the required technical information/details required to specify or organize to a Conditions Report / Site Visit.  

0% Finance Facilities 

We provide 0% Financing Facilities managed through our dedicated accounts department designed to help you manage each project.  A notable feature within our Accounts is the security and proof of delivery systems.  These systems ensure that accounts are accessible to contractors but secure and authenticated.

Specialist Logistics 

We allow for products to be delivered in both full and split loads via our HIAB Offload and Moffet vehicles. A plan will be created to ensure your goods are on site when you need them, delivering manageable loads into complex sites.  All of our vehicles come with tracking and proof of delivery technology, alongside security cameras to monitor the loading and unloading of goods.  

Certified Installers and System Training

 Our Specialists will outline the requirements to become a Certified Installer and arrange for training with RIBA or the Manufacturer.   

Project Coherency

We ensure that specialist, industry-specific professionals manage every project detail, providing coherency throughout.

Immediate Product 

Our supply chain ensures specified products are immediately available via our network of depots, while specialist items run on 24hr delivery from the UK based factories.

Tailored Manufacturing 

As we work directly with the manufacturers, products can be tailored specifically for complex specifications. We can now design in-house bespoke insulation packages with competitive pricing including Tapered Schemes, Non-combustible, PIR, Hybrid, Inverted and VIP. All designed in accordance with the latest building regulations, including Part B.  Find out more 

Site Visits and Inspections 

When specifications are required we provide the facilities to incorporate Site visits and Inspections. These will consist of condition reports at the start of a project, interim progression reports and completion assessments. Documents will be issued to relevant / required parties via our partners, Technical Services Departments.  These inspections are based on the specification requirements and size of the site; Upon completion, a project will be issued with the specified guarantees.

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