Ever since we opened our first depot in 1979 we have focused on being a truly specialist supplier. Below are some examples of projects we feel demonstrate this.  We have included some of our prestigious projects, large scale developments, complex sites and some private residential work.  We are very proud and passionate of the work we do and the service we provide. If you have any questions regarding these projects please do not hesitate to ask.

West Smithfield, Tower Bridge

“Some jobs stand out more than others, the West Smithfield project did for a variety of reasons; the blend of new and old architecture, the combination of blue and  brown roofs spanning 1500m2 in Central London and the meticulous details surrounding the logistical requirements. Our role is always to ensure the project and the supply chain run as smoothly as possible but in projects like this, the details are crucial.  We worked very closely with both IKO and Infallible Systems to deliver full loads directly into West Smithfield and unload every drop before 8am. We used a number of our crane offloads to ensure this was efficient as possible."

(Peter Aldridge, Senior Sales Manager)

St Pancras International Station

'We supplied 250,000 Welsh Slates, in split loads, on demand for London St Pancras, as part of it's £800 million re-development.  This included 160,000 Penrhyn Slates and 90,000 Ffestiniog Slates.'

"Historically the advantage of buying direct was price, but within todays market, commercial sites demand more.  Because we work so closely with the leading manufacturers, we provide top tier pricing structures, we then supplement this with the logistics our customers require.  On projects like St Pancras we enabled our clients to consolidate their purchasing which significantly improved efficiency and accuracy, while reducing their overall costs."

(Darren Rowe, Senior Technical Manager)

Greenwich Apartments, Private Development

This impressive specification was produced by Proteus Waterproofing, incorporating their Cold Melt® insulated Pro-Living® roof system.

At the base is the recycled rubber-crumb, Cold Melt® which creates an elastomeric, seamless, cold-applied membrane.

The green roof system reduces water run-off, creates a wildlife habitat and contributes towards the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4. 

'This project is the perfect example of Green Roofs, displaying both the functional and aesthetic benefits of the system. This particular project was meticulously implemented by Proteus."

(Darren Rowe, Senior Technical Manager)

Eltham Palace, English Heritage

'The Great Hall of Eltham Palace was constructed in the 1470s, with the galleries and main house built in the 1930s.  Eltham Palace is steeped in history as the most substantial survival from the medieval royal palace.'

"Knowing the provenance of a clay tile, or the process used to manufacture the lead, or the vehicle restrictions and storage capacity within the site are insights which can significantly impact the planning phases of a supply chain.  Being an English Heritage site, Eltham Palace was a project of great importance, to which we worked very hard to ensure a seamless, efficient supply chain."

(Peter Aldridge, Senior Sales Manager)

London Heathrow Airport

'As part of the Terminal 5 development at London Heathrow Airport, we worked between the specification and the contractors schedule to deliver over 2000 Litres of Clear Liquid Waterproofing Systems as part of the refurbishments to the supporting hangers.  With such a busy, high paced and sensitive site, meeting schedule demands and stringent health and safety requirements was critical.'

"When working on Commercial Sites we are defined by the performance of the supply chain we provide. Our value is based on the service we provide and we understand that an efficient supply chain is an invaluable resource to our clients."

(Simon Haldane, Senior Relationship Manager)

Merrywood, Private Development

'This private development of luxury apartments centred around a flat table top roof.  With a 20 year specification for the flat roof, the pitched was fitted with a beautiful Marley Hawkins, Fired Sienna Tile.  The whole roof was dressed with Code 5 environmental Lead from Associated Lead Mills.

"The complexity of the site evolved from the schedule surrounding access and the restrictions the scaffolding presented. Weather then delayed the project which significantly reduced the contractors window to get the building water tight.  Consequently this placed a lot of emphasis on ensuring the supply chain met the project demands.  We worked very closely with both the contractor and manufacturers to ensure that it did."

Kensington Palace

The royal residence in Kensington Gardens is one of the most iconic in the UK.'

"When working on such prestigious sites we believe it is vitally important that our vehicles turn up immaculately clean and on time. On these sites the actual build is only one factor for consideration.  For example we used our Moffetts to manoeuvre the lead around the site. We also split the load into 3 drops to reduce the amount of product being left on site."

(Peter Aldridge, Senior Sales Manager)

The Tower of London

‘The Tower of London, officially Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London, is a historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames in central London.'

"The Tower of London was a lengthy project due to the complexity and detail of the roof structures which required hours upon hours  of craftsmanship each day.  It was a privilege to support the contractors over a number of months on such a beautiful project.'

(Peter Aldridge, Senior Sales Manager)

The Cottage, Fulham Football Club

'Craven Cottage is one of the most historic football grounds in the Premier League and home to Fulham Football Club.'

"We supplied the Welsh Slate and Lead to the iconic Cottage which sits in the corner of the ground. The development created a conference room which overlooked the ground." 

(Daren Rowe, Senior Technical Manager)

The Royal Naval College

'The Royal Naval College was built between 1696 and 1712, intended to serve as the Greenwich Hospital for the British Navy.  Situated besides Greenwich Park it is very much the centre piece of one of London's most beautiful areas.’

"We supplied 150 tonne’s of Milled Code 5 lead. The Lead was 100% recycled, manufactured in Wales by EnviroLead. The work centred around many of the domes." 

(Peter Aldridge, Senior Sales Manager)

The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace

'The Royal Mews sits within the grounds of Buckingham Palace, built in 1825.  It houses the state coaches and other carriages, along with about 30 of the Queens horses.'

'It goes without saying jobs like this are a privilege to be part of.  However, The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace was a particularly complex site for a variety  of reasons, none more so than the schedule and protocol surrounding the Queens Horses.  Ensuring a safe passage with minimal disturbance was critical, but no small feat as we delivered full loads via our Moffetts.'

(Vince Bick, Managing Director)

Mulberry Court, Private Development

'This private development of apartments features Spanish Slate dressed with a Code 5 Lead table top roof.  The detail on this build is exceptional from the stone work through to the RhineZinc rainwater systems.  The out buildings are finished with Standing Seam Zinc, all of which we supplied as the project progressed.'

(Andrew Dawton, Manager)

The Shell Tower, South Bank

'A prominent feature on the South Bank of the River Thames, the Shell Tower forms the backdrop to the London Eye.'

'We supplied over 100 tonnes of Code 5 Lead which was used to construct the pitched roof on this striking building.'

(Darren Rowe, Senior Technical Manager)

St Clements, Development

'St Clements was a significant development of new build homes in Dartford.  Through the project we supplied over 100,000 Marley Birkdales.'

"Our relationships with manufacturers is fundamental to the service we provide. While manufacturers focus on process and production we focus on the procurement and logistics which complex commercial sites demand."

(Simon Haldane, Senior Relationship Manager)

The London Paladium

'The London Palladium is a Grade II listed building and arguably the most famous theatre in London and the United Kingdom.'

"We supplied every component for the restoration of the roof structure. With access restrictions in the surrounding area, working with the client as well as the contractors to understand schedules was of great importance to ensure an efficient project."

 (Mathew Knuckey, Transport Manager)

Boots Head Office, Nottingham

Boots was established in 1849, and is now part of the Walgreens Boots Alliance.  The refurbishment of their UK Head Office was a big project of which we supplied just over 4,000 meters of EuroPolymer, Evolution Overlay System.'

(Darren Rowe, Senior Technical Manager)

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